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Making the Wheels of Business Turn

Making the Wheels of Business Turn
Operational systems are online transaction processing (OUP) systems. These are the systems that are used to run the day-to-day core business of the company. They are the so. called bread-and-butter systems. Operational systems make the wheels of business turn (see Figure 1-5). They support the basic business processes of the company. These sys-tems typically get the data into the database. Each transaction processes information about a single entity such as a single order, a single invoice, or a single customer.

Watching the Wheels of Business Turn
On the other hands, specially designed and built decision-support systems are not meant to run the core business processes. They are used to watch how the business runs, and then make strategic decisions to improve the business (sec Figure 1-6). . Decision-support systems are developed to get strategic information out of the data-base. As opposed to OLTP systems that are designed to put the data into the database. Decision-support systems are developed to provide strategic information 70-331 course new 70-331 questions 70-331 exam prep 70-331 answers Latest 70-331 exam pdf dumps.

Different Scope, Different Purposes
Therefore. we find that in order to provide strategic information wc need to build odor-'national systems that are different from the operational systems we have been building to run the basic business. It will be worthless to continue to dip into the operational systems For strategic information as we have been doing in the past. As companies face fiercer competition and businesses become more complex, continuing the past practices will only lead to disaster.

Get the data in

Making the wheels of business turn 


What is a basic reason for the failure of all the previous attempts by IT to provide strategic information'? What .has IT been doing all along'? The fundamental reason for the inability to provide strategic information is that we have been trying all along to provide strategic information from the operational systems. These operational systems such as order processing. Inventory control, claims processing, outpatient billing, and so on arc not designed 

or intended to provide strategic information. If we need the ability to provide strategic information. We must get the in Information from 70-332 features 70-332 real product 70-332 download 70-332 questions 70-332 exam guide altogether different types of systems. Only specially designed decision support systems or informational systems can pro-vide strategic information. Let us understand why. 

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70-411 Question 11

70-411 Question 11

Your network contains an Active Directory domain named The domain contains a domain controller named You discover that the Default Domain Policy Group Policy objects (GPO5) and the Default Domain Controllers Policy GPOs were deleted. You need to recover the Default Domain Policy and the Default Domain Controllers Policy GPOs. What should you run? 

A. dcgpofix.exe /target:domain
B. gpfixup.exe /,n
C. dcgpofix.exe /target:both
D. gptixup.exe /oldnb:contoso /newnb:dc1

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70-411 Question 10

Your network contains an Active Directory domain named You have several Windows PowerShell scripts that execute when users log on to their client computer. You need to ensure that all of the scripts execute completely before the users can access their desktop. Which setting should you configure?

To answer, select the appropriate setting in the answer area.




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70-411 Question 9

70-411 Question 9
Your network contains an Active Directory domain named The domain contains a domain controller named DC1 that runs Windows Server 2012. You have a Group Policy object (GPO) named GPO1 that contains several custom Administrative templates. You need to filter the GPO to display only settings that will be removed from the registry when the GPO falls out of scope. The solution must only display settings that are either enabled or disabled and that have a comment. How should you configure the filter? To answer, select the appropriate options below. Select three.

A. Set Managed to: Yes
B. Set Managed to: No
C. Set Managed to: Any
D. Set Configured to: Yes
E. Set Configured to: No
F. Set Configured to: Any
G. Set Commented to: Yes
H. Set Commented to: No
I. Set Commented to: Any

Answer: A, F, G

A: Set Managed to: Yes
There are two kinds of Administrative Template policy settings: Managed and Unmanaged. The Group Policy Client service governs Managed policy settings and removes a policy setting when it is no longer within scope of the user or computer.

F: Set Configured tO: Any
We want to display both settings that are enable and disabled. G: Set Commented to:
Only settings that are commented should be displayed.

Note: Filter with Property Filters
The Local Group Policy Editor allows you to change the criteria for displaying Administrative Template policy settings. By default, the editor displays all policy settings, including unmanaged policy settings. However, you can use property filters to change how the Local Group Policy Editor displays Administrative Template policy settings.

There are three inclusive property filters that you can use to filter Administrative

Templates. These property filters include:
  • Managed
  • Configured
  • Commented
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